Corsodyl Daily Original toothpaste
Corsodyl Daily Original toothpaste

Daily Specialist Toothpaste

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Healthy gums don't bleed, so if you see any blood when you brush or floss your teeth, this can be a sign of gum disease. If left untreated the problem could get worse, leading to bad breath, red and swollen gums, receding gums and eventually even tooth loss.

That's why it's important to take action to treat bleeding gums.

One of the main causes of bleeding gums is the build up of plaque bacteria. If this isn't removed it can irritate gums making them bleed.

Corsodyl Toothpaste is a daily toothpaste that is clinically proven to help stop and prevent bleeding gums. Its formula is different from a regular toothpaste, as it uses refined particles of sodium bicarbonate to break apart the layer of plaque bacteria on your teeth to make it easier to remove, even in hard to reach areas.

By physically removing the build up of plaque bacteria along the gumline, Corsodyl Toothpaste is 4x more effective* than a regular toothpaste at removing the main cause of bleeding gums. When used twice daily, it is clinically proven to help stop and prevent bleeding gums.

Corsodyl Toothpaste contains fluoride to help prevent cavities, alongside sodium bicarbonate to help remove plaque. The taste can take a while to get used to, but most people soon grow to like it as much as regular toothpaste and enjoy the clean feeling it delivers.

Corsodyl Toothpaste is available in four variants including Original, Ultra Clean, Whitening and Extra Fresh.

Complete your oral care routine with the Corsodyl Toothbrush and Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash. Choose Corsodyl Treatment Mouthwash if you currently have the early signs of gum disease.

*Removes more plaque than a regular toothpaste, following a professional clean and twice daily brushing. Excludes Corsodyl Toothpaste Whitening variant.

Corsodyl Original toothpaste

Corsodyl Original Toothpaste

Corsodyl Original Toothpaste is specially formulated to help stop and prevent bleeding gums, keeping gums healthy, teeth strong and breath fresh.

New Corsodyl Ultra Clean toothpaste

Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste

Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste removes the bacteria that can cause bleeding gums to keep gums healthy, teeth strong and your mouth feeling ultra clean and fresh.

Corsodyl Whitening toothpaste

Corsodyl Whitening Toothpaste

Corsodyl Whitening Toothpaste gently cleans away stains from your teeth to help restore their natural whiteness, while also helping to stop and prevent bleeding gums.

Corsodyl Extra Fresh toothpaste

Corsodyl EXTRA FRESH Toothpaste

Corsodyl Extra Fresh Toothpaste for gum disease helps to stop and prevent bleeding gums, while keeping your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Instructions for use

Brush twice a day and not more than three times, minimise swallowing and spit out. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Not suitable for children under 12 years.


Our toothpastes, mouthwashes and toothbrushes are designed to help keep your gums healthy and your teeth strong. Find out where to buy Corsodyl below.

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